Unlock the Power of Domain Health Monitoring

WP-Stack Domain Monitor seamlessly consolidates essential domain monitoring tools into a single, user-friendly interface, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Unlock the Power of Domain Health Monitoring

Effortless One-Stop Management

Centralized Domain Monitoring for Seamless Peace of Mind

Safeguard your domain's well-being with a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools, ensuring uninterrupted uptime, optimal performance, and enhanced security.

5-Minute Uptime Monitoring

5-Minute Uptime Monitoring

Our 5-minute interval uptime monitoring ensures you're always informed about the status of your domain.

SSL Security and Domain Renewal Alerts

SSL Security and Domain Renewal Alerts

Never again fall victim to downtime due to expiring SSL certificates or domain renewals.

DNS Lookup & Records

DNS Lookup & Records

Gain granular insights into your domain's DNS records and redirects with our detailed DNS lookup.

Stay Informed and Prevent Downtime

Address issues quickly and prevent customer frustration.

Downtime can happen to anyone, but it’s crucial to stay aware of any issues before they affect your customers or website visitors. WP-Stack Domain Monitor provides you with real-time uptime monitoring, ensuring that you’re always notified of any downtime incidents as they occur.

  • Receive immediate alerts whenever your domain experiences downtime.

  • Monitor your website’s availability with 5-minute interval uptime checks.

  • Address issues quickly and prevent customer frustration.

  • Maintain continuous online accessibility for your business.

Address issues quickly and prevent customer frustration.

Never let downtime disrupt your success.

Sign up today and safeguard your online presence with proactive monitoring!

What our customers are saying

Very promising roadmap indeed! I am searching for another solution to manage my websites after using MainWP for years. Wp Stack looks very nice, designwise and with all extensions! All the info retrieved from the connected websites; amazing to have that visual in one place! Hopefully they will add client reporting as well as their base wich would make it a complete solution.

— Joep K

WP-Stack takes the place multiple plugins and tools for wordpress in one platform. The installation process was simple and quick. Now you can monitor and maintain multiple sites in one platform. The workflow process has been improved and takes less time. The site audit is a really nice tool for improving site performance. This is a real useful tool for any one working with wordpress sites.

— Steve Bessler

After a short period of use, I can genuinely say WP-Stack is an impressive all-in-one solution for managing and maintaining websites. The automated backups and real-time alerts provide much-needed peace of mind. It’s great to see such a comprehensive SEO metric overview in the weekly site audits. Overall, it’s a powerful tool with great potential.

— Jannatul

WP-Stack is really amazing and great tool to manage all yoir WordPress websites. You can update, monitor, backup, scan for malware, restore your website and many other options... give it s try, you will never regret it :)

— Ghaldouni Youssef

I've been using the platform as a beta tester, and the experience has been smooth for me so far. I love the features readily available for anyone wishing to make their WordPress maintenance relatively worry-free. The team behind the platform knows how to listen to their users. Definitely one of the WordPress solutions worth checking out.

— Aldin

A must-have tool for wordpress users. The features are very complex to know your web usage. Very useful for evaluating user needs and improving the experience! Must try.

— Novian Bayu Putra

A promising solution for website devs and agency owners. It has all the solutions one needs to manage their site. As their site says, it makes it easy to Manage, Monitor, Secure and Automate websites. Highly recommended for streamlining website management.

— Saadat Zaid

I love the idea of WP Stack. I love the idea of All in One solution for Wordpress Sites management. The developers and admin are very responsible. The features are very good and they will add more.
This will be the best WordPress site management platform.

— Valentin


Streamline domain management and reduce stress

Don’t let downtime or security breaches disrupt your online success. Sign up for a free trial of WP-Stack Domain Monitor today and experience the power of centralized domain monitoring!

Why Choose WP-Stack Domain Monitor?

  • Real-time uptime monitoring: Receive instant alerts when your domain goes down, allowing you to address issues quickly and minimize downtime.
  • Proactive SSL and domain expiry alerts: Stay informed and avoid disruptions due to expired SSL certificates or domain renewals.

  • In-depth DNS insights: Optimize traffic routing, identify potential DNS issues, and enhance website performance.

  • User-friendly dashboard: Manage your domain monitoring tasks effortlessly from a centralized interface.