How To Protect Your WordPress Sites From Security Threats With WP-Stack.

By: Raj Vardhman

WordPress is a popular CMS used by over 45.8% of all websites in 2023, and unfortunately, it is often targeted by hackers. They make nearly 90,000 attacks per minute on WordPress sites. 

The good news is that WP-Stack is a powerful tool that can protect your WordPress site from attacks and malware. WP-Stack is an all-in-one website management dashboard that has excellent security features.

This article will explore how WP-Stack can help you protect your online presence. We will share valuable tips, insights, and best practices for protecting your WordPress site.

Let’s explore how WP-Stack can help keep your WordPress site safe from security threats.

WP-Stack as an Effective Security Solution

WP-Stack is a powerful security solution that provides comprehensive protection for your WordPress sites. WP-Stack takes the hassle out of website security with its security features, saving you time, money, and effort. Here are the key features of WP-Stack and the benefits they provide:

1. Automated Daily Malware Scans: 

WP-Stack silently scans your website daily without causing any load on your servers. It thoroughly searches for malware infections that can hide in various parts of your website files and database. By detecting and alerting you to any hacks or malware infections, WP-Stack’s automated malware scans help you proactively identify and eliminate these threats, protecting your site and maintaining its integrity.

2. Automated Vulnerability Checks: 

WP-Stack scans your WordPress core, plugins, and themes daily to identify known vulnerabilities. It also checks if you’re using any abandoned plugins that may pose a security risk. Additionally, WP-Stack enables compatibility of your PHP version with WordPress recommendations and ensures that your WP-debug mode does not expose your website’s sensitive information. 

WP-Stack helps you avoid potential threats and take necessary actions to patch or replace any weak points in your website’s security.

3. Login Protection: 

WP-Stack includes a powerful WordPress firewall that blocks hackers attempting to crack your password. If multiple login attempts are made, WP-Stack activates Captcha-based protection to block out these attacks automatically.

WP-Stack safeguards your website from such attacks and prevents unauthorized access to your admin area.

4. Real-Time Activity Logs: 

WP-Stack allows you to monitor all changes happening on your website. It provides real-time activity logs, helping you identify suspicious behavior or malicious attacks. 

WP-Stack empowers you to stay vigilant and protect your website proactively by providing this visibility.

5. Active Sessions Logs: 

WP-Stack logs the active sessions on your website, allowing you to monitor them and take action if any unauthorized user sessions are detected. 

WP-Stack adds an extra layer of protection by detecting and blocking unauthorized sessions to prevent unauthorized access and potential security threats.

6. Safe Automatic Updates: 

WP-Stack’s auto-update feature allows you to update vulnerable plugins safely. Before applying updates, WP-Stack runs a Visual Regression Test to ensure your site does not break.

By automatically updating vulnerable plugins while ensuring compatibility and stability, WP-Stack minimizes the risk of security vulnerabilities while saving you time and effort. 

Extra security with Automated Daily Backups:

In addition to its robust security features, WP-Stack offers an extra layer of protection with automated daily backups. Regular backups are crucial for website security, as you can restore your site to a previous version in case of data loss, hacking attempts, or other unforeseen events.

WP-Stack takes the hassle out of backups by providing off-shore daily incremental backups. These backups are performed automatically and securely stored off-site, ensuring that your website’s data is safely preserved.

Additional Tips for Strengthening Website Security

In addition to using WP-Stack, you can take several other steps to enhance your WordPress site’s security further. Consider the following tips:

Choose Secure Hosting Providers:

Choosing a reputable and secure company is essential when looking for a hosting provider for your website. You should select a provider that offers server security. This will help keep your website safe from vulnerabilities and ensure it runs smoothly.

Benefits of SSL Certificates and HTTPS Protocols:

Implementing SSL certificates and enabling HTTPS protocols is essential for maintaining a secure website. SSL encryption protects the data transmission between your visitors’ browsers, and your website remains private and protected. HTTPS protects sensitive information such as login and payment details and improves trust and credibility with your users. Additionally, search engines now prioritize HTTPS websites in search results, improving your site’s visibility.

User Management and Limiting Access Privileges:

Effective user management is crucial for preventing unauthorized access to your site. Regularly review user accounts and ensure each user has the appropriate access privileges. Remove any unnecessary or inactive accounts to minimize potential security risks. 

By implementing these additional security measures, you add extra protection to your WordPress site. With WP-Stack’s robust security features, you can create a powerful defense system against security threats and ensure the safety of your website and its data.


WordPress sites’ threats and risks are real and can have severe consequences. However, with WP-Stack, you can safeguard your WordPress sites from these security threats effectively.

Now is the time to take action and prioritize the security of your WordPress sites. Implementing WP-Stack can strengthen your website’s security and protect visitors’ data. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start using WP-Stack today.

To get started, sign up for a free trial and unlimited access to WP-Stack for 7 days.